Meet Fred Thomas

Fred Thomas is a third generation Montanan who was born and raised in the Bitterroot Valley. He started a family here. He established a business here. He served in elected office here.

As a State Senator in the late 90’s, Fred rose to the top as Senate majority leader. Under his leadership, Montana saw its income tax rate drop from highest in the nation to 6.9%. Our budgets had surpluses. When Fred left the senate in 2004, our economy was churning and unemployment was near 4%.

Today, we have seen a shadowy turn for the worse. Ravalli County’s unemployment rate has skyrocketed to almost 10%. There has been a rapid rise in government power and reckless spending. Tax increases and regulations have stifled the Bitterroot economy.

This is not the Montana that we once knew.

It’s time for Ravalli County to have a true fiscal conservative take the wheel. It’s time for us to get back on the ‘right’ track. It’s time to elect Fred Thomas for Senate District 45.